Investment Opportunity

Valuation || SST Clean Air, LLC Upgrade + Manufacturing (North American Market)

Valuation || TCS Ltda. Upgrade + Manufacturing (South, Central and North American Markets)

Valuation || TCS Ltda. Upgrade + Manufacturing (World Market)

Right to LP100 relay

Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in a revolutionary technology that virtually eliminates the emission of particulate matter and significantly reduces the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere

Our valuations were prepared with the assistance of independent third parties.

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Clean Air, LLC

Founded in 2019.

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+55 27 99982 0767

Alameda Mauricio de Oliveira, Alphaville Jacuhy, Quadra Q001 Municipio de Serra, ES 291630-610

TCS Ltda.

Founded in 2016.

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