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Technological Innovation in Industrial Electrostatic Precipitators

Our Story

TCS began in 2012 with the purpose of revolutionising a technology that virtually eliminates the emission of particulate matter and significantly reduces the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Since then, we have been working on perfecting and implementing the technology with practical operating tests.

Dr. Berthoud, a Brazilian researcher, spent years studying the rates of accumulation within ESPs in the Espirito Santo’s Federal University laboratories in Vitoria, Brazil and was able to establish that the problems that trigger the rapping are located in individual positions. Therefore, after years of research and tests, the SST-SELECTIVE SWITCHING TECHNOLOGY was developed to provide the ESP with the capability to increase to individual electrodes.

Main objective

The implementation of our technology will extend the operational life of coal-fired power plants and allow the use of the steel mills, cement plants and electric furnaces at their maximum capacity, without the present environmental harm.

Immediately after its development, it became clear to us that the Selective Switching Technology (SST) was a breakthrough for the elimination of particulate matter and in the drastic reduction of hazardous air pollutants and gas-phase organic carbon compounds emitted into the atmosphere, many times responsible for heart and lungs diseases, among many other serious health effects.

SST enables ESPs to operate in High Voltage Levels, without increasing rapping frequencies. The benefits of this approach are 100% effectiveness in capturing all particulates bigger than PM0.1 µm. This translates to an increase in efficiencies by 60% of today’s unfiltered pollution.SST is able to augmenter ready operational ESP, through an upgrade process, as well as incorporate the technology into new ESPs.

In addition, SST could potentially also improve the air-quality in all major cities, being a major player against cardio-vascular and respiratory diseases, as well as global warming.

Our Team

Flavio Berthoud

CEO and Engineer at TCS Ltda and SST Clean Air LLC

Flávio Berthoud has been the CEO at TCS since 2016, and the CEO at SST Clean Air since 2019.

José Simões Berthoud

CTO and Engineer at TCS Ltda and SST Clean Air LLC

José S. Berthoud is a mechatronic engineer with a degree in Engineering and Nuclear Technology from the Aeronautical Technological Institute (“Instituto de Tecnologia da Aeronáutica“), a Masters degree in Nuclear Technology and a PhD in Engineering, Statistics and Nuclear Risk Analysis from the University of Munich. In addition, José has worked for several years as lead Researcher and Professor.

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