Selective Switching Technology

Did you know that current electrostatic precipitators filter 98% of air pollution?Sounds good, right? However, these last 2% of fine dust is responsible for cardio-respiratory diseases, air pollution, greenhouse effect, among others.

Welcome to the future! Our Selective Switching Technology filters 60% or more of these remaining 2% of fine dust.

Selective Switching Technology

An Industrial filter called Electrostatic Precipitator works by employing the electrostatic principle of ionic charging of the particles in a flow by applying a Voltage in a confined environment.

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Pollution Costs v. Benefits

According to the OECD, air pollution could cause 6 to 9 million premature deaths a year by 2060 and cost 1% of global GDP – around USD 2.6 trillion annually.

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Current Scenario and Updates

Find out about the current development state of the technology, updates and what is being talked about on the news.

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Technical Information

Technical information on today’s strategic asset in the world’s political and economic stage.

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  • Preventive control of each electrode.
  • Capture of 100% of PM 0.1 µm to PM 2.5 µm, which are the particles inhaled by people, causing various diseases.
  • Capture of 100% of PM 2.5 µm to PM 10 µm, which are the particles that makes up the Black Powder that is deposited on the roofs, houses and streets.


“Pollution should never be the cost of prosperity”

Al Gore.

“Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented”

Barry Commoner.

The SS technology will have a decisive impact on the reduction of environmental pollution and will increase the international competitiveness of countries that acquire its patent rights.

The use of SS technology would allow the reactivation of coal-fired power plants, while reducing air pollution levels.

About Us

We created a disruptive technology that improves the Electrostatic Precipitators.

The SS technology is revolutionary because it allows to filter and retain the emission of particulate material that today is released into the atmosphere through the chimneys of the industries.

As a collateral gain, SS technology will allow DSI and/or ACI devices to have its efficiencies expanded and to capture a large mass of polluting gases.

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